Aug 2012

“I would like to place another order please!  Thank you!  We are having some HUGE events in October and our Fall/Christmas festivals.  I would love to have some pendants with your cards for our table.  I’m so excited about this.  None of our auctions have brought the funds in that your designs do!  Thanks again!”  — Amy from H.E.A.R.T Rescue, FL
Sept 2012
“Yesterday, CAHS hit the 1,000 mark!!! 1,000 lives saved this summer!!! So proud to be part of this organization! And thank you once again, Laurie, for helping us generate revenue to aid in saving even more homeless animals! We love your work!!” – Cheryl, Capitol Area Humane Society, Lansing, MI
Feb 2013
From Barb T:   ”Thank you for sharing your fabulous gift with everyone.  Every time I look at your beautiful work it brings a smile to my face, and we all know surrounding ourselves with things that make us happy and smile is the best thing ever!!!”
Sept 2013
Here is what Tim had to say about a fundraising event for his CA animal shelter:  “My feet hurt but we made over $3500 for the shelter tonight! Special thanks to Kiss My Glass for the wonderful pawprint glass pendants ( I need 50 more!).” ***Remember, I sell wholesale to rescue orgs and gift shops.  It will increase your fundraising goal! 

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"Happiness is…wearing a new piece of handcrafted jewelry"