Memorial Keepsakes

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The passing of a family member or friend is one of the hardest experiences we endure. The healing process can take quite a while and an important part of that process is being able to feel our loved one’s continued presence in our lives.

Keepsake Memorial Necklaces are an elegant and artistic way to ground that feeling with a physical remembrance. Wearing something that contains the ashes of your loved one brings them quite literally close to your heart and reminds you of their presence. Every time you put your pendant on, see it in the mirror, or receive a compliment on it, it will remind you of your loved one’s warmth that will forever be close to your heart.

How will my loved one’s ashes be handled?

Your loved one’s ashes will be handled with care in the same way that I would care and respect for my own. Only about ¼ tsp of the ash remains are needed to design your keepsake necklace.

When you place your order, I will send you a small care package with a small glass jar that you can fill with ashes. There will be a scooping spoon included to measure out one scoop per each keepsake necklace ordered. You will return the kit to me in the postage paid mailer that I will provide for you. Once I receive your package, I will begin to design your keepsake memorial and in about 3-4 weeks, I will mail your finished necklace to you and email you with a tracking number so that you can be watching for it.

Your keepsake memorial pendant will be something special and cherished and I will be honored and delighted to design something that will mean so much to you.

I am an experienced fused glass artisan here in the U.S. and your keepsake memorial pendant will be very special and one of a kind. All of my glass art is hand cut and designed prior to kiln firing.

The cost to make your keepsake necklace includes materials, shipping and a small fee for my time. There’s no need to pay upwards of $100 or more with other companies, my pricing is not meant to break the bank but to help mend your heart.

The photos that you see here, all include the ashes of my family members whom I’ve lost. These keepsakes are so very dear to me that it has given me the strength and connection to serve you with the same beautiful work of art that I know will mean so much to you as well!

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