“Giving Back” Program

Welcome to my “Giving Back” program that, as a team, both you and I can help benefit your favorite non-profit organization.  Each time you make a purchase, 20% of your entire purchase will be donated back to your non profit choice.   This will happen during checkout.  Please list your designated organizations full name, city and state.  On a monthly basis, I will donate your portion, on your behalf, to the organization you chose.  If the organization has a facebook page, I will also inform them via a post.  If you do not know of an organization, please feel free to use the top 10 drop down menu that is supplied.

It does not stop here.  I also have 2 other ways to help with your favorite non profit org.  1)  I have a photo album on my facebook page that is titled:  FundraisingEvents.  Your organization’s admin person is welcome to browse through that album and I will donate a set of pendants to them.  They may use them for online auctions or events such as silent auctions or dinner fundraising events, etc.  2)  If your organization is having an expo or community fair where you think they could benefit by selling some specific merchandise like pawprints for rescue organizations, etc., I wholesale my items at the low qty of 15.

Helpers helping helpers!  That’s what it’s all about.  It’s a passion that drives us to care because there is an everyday need to pay it forward.  I admire all of the efforts put forth for the causes and the animal rescue organizations.  I would like to be a small part of this big hearted operation by helping out in any or all of the 3 ways listed above.  That is my mission.

11 Comments to "“Giving Back” Program"

  1. Pam Morris says:

    Yeah! You are up and at it! Congratulations and good luck with your new website! It looks awesome! Thanks for all you do for rescues!

  2. Ed Merkel says:

    Hi Laurie
    I do the website for Wags and in your email to Fran you indicate you have an affiliate program.
    I dont see a link to sikgn up as an affiliate.

    Can you point me to that page?

    • Laurie says:

      Hi Ed:
      Thank you for contacting me. I do not have an affiliate sign up. In fact, not even sure how to do it. As a correction, in the email, Fran states you guys have an affiliate program. If there is a way to provide a link to my page from yours, that would be great. Any of your customers interested in making a purchase can designate Wags to receive 20% back to them. Thanks

  3. I love what you are doing – if the idea of working with a large international group of like minded individuals appeals to you, please consider joining us!


  5. Unkown says:

    Happiness is being with my daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Tabatha Mercer- SC. says:

    I love the options you have. I am a 501 (c)3 in SC and I have supported FSSR as well as many other rescues with making donations, transporting, etc…. I would love to choose one of your pieces for my First up coming fundraiser. I have 2 rescues I recently pulled that are HW positive and I pay out of pocket for all my rescues care and needs as I am building my newly located rescue in the Carolina’s from Ga. Big Paws Rescue (Tabby’s)

    • Laurie says:

      Hi Tabatha”
      You are welcome to look through my facebook photo album FREE to non profits. I have sets of 2 pendants on my page http://www.facebook.com/dichroicglassbylauriek.
      All I ask in return are 2 courtesy crossposts of my page on the rescues fb page and a $1 Paypal. I print my shipping labels from Paypal directly from my home. Without this, I have to handwrite shipping information & delivery confirmation paperwork, stand in line at the post office getting it weighed etc. It costs more to ship them but all I’m interested in is the time savings on my end so I can run this free pendant program I have. Thank you for all the work you do!!!!

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