“Giving Back” program to non-profits

Did you know that you can designate any non-profit org 501(c) 3 of your choice to receive 20% of your purchase?  You can do this at checkout.  At month end, I will tally up the donations and send the amount to them as well as posting on their facebook page and giving you a “shout out” on my page.  So, when you shop for yourself or as a gift, you are also giving a gift to the org that you support!

One Comment to "“Giving Back” program to non-profits"

  1. cindy diaz says:

    hello, I seen on FB your turquoise and blue mini masterpiece paw print pendant #8257 and I would like to purchase a few for an up coming pet event being held soon. I don’t have a paypal acct. so how do I go about getting these? cindy diaz

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