Care Instructions

I design with glass, so it is highly recommended that you remove your jewelry over a soft surface such as a bed or carpet. The dichroic coating on the surface of the glass is permanent, elements like water, the sun or even chlorine would NOT remove the dichroic coating.   The only thing that could harm the glass is by scraping or dropping it onto a hard surface.  The glass will be preserved for years to come!

Pendant bails are Sterling Silver plated and zinc and nickel free.   As with any metal, over time, it can oxidize. If you expose your pendant bail to excessive perspiration or chemicals the plating could wear off the bail part.  Please remove your pendant during any type of exercising or sports.  You may apply a mild cleaner with a cotton swab and then rinse.  Do not use a harsh cleaner on the bail.  Use a rubbing cloth if needed.  I have been fusing glass for over 10 years now and my very first pieces look just like my favorites today.

4 Comments to "Care Instructions"

  1. Cindy Hemmenway says:

    Do you take orders where you pay by money orders? If so , would i order on your website then send the total by m.o.?

    • Laurie says:

      Hi Cindy:
      Thank you for contacting me. The webpage only allows a paypal payment. In the future, I hope to have a way to use your CC directly and not go through Paypal but that is all it can accept for now. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thank you! ~Laurie

  2. brenda petty says:

    do you have a free e-mail newsletter that I could subscribe to. also where can I order your jewelry at. I was speaking to a lady today in petco. she has on a beautiful necklace and she said she got it from you and she gave me your name. it was a pendant with a paw print on it. I would love to have one just like hers. please let me hear back from you on this matter. thank you very much.

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