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Wow, what an adventure it has been to build my own webpage.  The designer, photographer, editor, uploader, marketing dept., accounting dept and shipping dept has all worked hard to make this possible.  Did I tell you that I was every one of those?  :)   Yes!  I am my entire company.  I am a fused glass artist and share my work all around the state of Michigan at art festivals and craft shows.  I am very thankful to my online customers as well, therefore, I can reach to farther places.

A huge thank you to Dane Cooke with The Dane Cooke Collective, who designed and activated the webpage. He can be found on facebook:  The Dane Cooke Collective

I am a huge supporter of rescue and love to help educate others to do the same.  I have volunteered at HSHV, Humane Society of Huron Valley and donate my artwork and a portion of my online sales to rescues in the U.S.   Big kudos to those who are on line front lines of rescue and rehabilitation.

You may find me on Facebook as well.  Kiss My Glass

~ Laurie

7 Comments to "Building my webpage"

  1. Linda Modica says:

    I bought one of your necklaces and it is beautiful. I like your website


  2. Sharon Lippert says:

    HI… Love your work and how do you pronounce Di ch ro ic? I want to contact you about selling your jewelry to a business in the Chicagoland area. I can’t seem to find a phone number so please give me a call!
    Sharon Lippert 779 72 0644.

  3. mari silberstein-sweden says:

    The first day I wore you beautiful cat-pendant I was the envie of the whole office.

    • Laurie says:

      Hi Mari: Thank you for sharing this with me. I hope you felt as good that day as I do now hearing you say this. Thank you so much and feel free to share my webpage or facebook page with them. Thanks Mari!!

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