About the Artist

You can usually find me happily tucked away in my glass studio at my home in Commerce Township, MI. When it comes to ideas on how to design, I am usually visually stimulated and this is where most of my ideas come from. I’ll see something in nature or on social media and turn it around and create these inspirations onto glass. Most of the time, it is something simple and fun and I like to make others smile when they see my artwork. My goal is to create some type of “wow” reaction when people see my art, whether it be beautiful and breathtaking or creating a sweet and simple “feel good” smile.


About Kiss My Glass

I am drawn to glass and I love it’s beauty and possibilities! My love of art has found it’s way into the world of beauty through glass. If I make you feel good by wearing a piece of my jewelry or displaying a piece of my glass art, then my goal has been accomplished. It excites me to share my love of glass and the joy of my journey with others. You are part of that pathway and I thank you!

I am a fused glass artist and have been displaying my jewelry work at several craft shows and art festivals throughout my home state of Michigan for over 13 years, as well as at The Desert Botanical Gardens gift shop in Phoenix, AZ during the Dale Chihuly glass exhibit (2009). My art has been featured on the Great Lakes Art Fair billboards for the past 3 years as well as on several advertising media. You can find me at several art fairs including the Plymouth Art in the Park, Rochester Arts & Apples, Milford Memories, Wyandotte Street Art Fair, Berkley Art Bash and the Ann Arbor street fair.

Why Glass?

I was always fascinated with glass. When I was a little girl, I lived behind a strip mall that had broken glass in it’s alley. I loved sweeping up the glass and collecting it into decorative jars that my Grandmother proudly displayed on her screened in porch. Later, I collected all sorts of glass figurines and vases and when I purchased my first piece of glass art jewelry, my curiosity and fascination deepened and I started my path of learning to design with glass. Although my artwork is simple, creating with glass is both my therapy and passion. Sharing it with you is my inspiration. Thank you!

I am also an animal rescue advocate and a HeARTs Speak member/Artists helping animals. I like to inspire people to adopt homeless animals, spay and neuter and to support rescue organizations. I volunteer with HDDCR – Happy Days Dog & Cat Rescue in Livonia, MI. I donate several pieces of my artwork to these hard working organizations as well as 20% of my online sales. Every year I am able to donate approx $10,000 between my artwork and cash donations. I could not do this without your help. I am thanking you for your support as well!


I work with quite a wide collection of Opaque, Iridescent, Transparent and Dichroic Glass. From the start of cutting, designing and the firing process, each piece of my jewelry has approximately 15-25 hours invested into it. I usually work my kiln between 1350 – 1500* degrees and annealed slowly for strength and durability (cooling process). With manipulation of time and temperature, I can design a piece that has a smooth or dimensional texture that can captivate your imagination. Each piece is hand crafted and designed in my home studio with my work style ranging from bold and beautiful to whimsical unique art. I design nightlights, suncatchers and jewelry accessories. I soon will be making windchimes and keepsake memorial pendants that will hold your loved ones ashes (pets too) that I would like to launch in 2018.